Product Tester Wanted!!

Hi Swanz Fam, great news! We'll be launching some new products soon! Focusing on the development of ceramic series of innovative daily necessities, we are glad to inform you that we are developing a porcelain bento box! Ohayo lunch box is designed to be perfect for your meals. Not too big, not too small!


Our intention is to create a lightweight one-piece ceramic lunch box that is easy to clean without leaving stains and odors! Separate design to separate food, you can taste the pure flavor of each dish. You can do anything with this bento box since it's appliances safe. Steaming, baking, and microwaveable is possible! And most importantly, it's leak-proof

product usp-07.png

Currently, we are still exploring and we need people with a keen eye for design and care for the environment to help test our world-class product, people like you. Your insights and honest feedback will play a huge role in improving our product for our upcoming launch.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. We'll let you know soon if you've been accepted as our product tester!

Application Form

Thanks for applying!

By applying to be a Swanz Product Tester, we are expecting that you also agree with our T&C:

1. Product testers have to take 3 -5 pictures of you using our product.

2. We are expecting product testers to give insights/ feedback at least 60 words.