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Twice greatness in one cup

Latest innovation from Swanz!

Nest Cup: the only 2 in 1 travel cup you will ever need. Bringing the best from 2 materials fine porcelain and stainless steel, Nest cup is the ultimate reusable travel cup.

Fine porcelain keeping beverages authentic flavors without leaving any leftover stain or smell.


Durable thermal stainless steel cup keeping beverages hot or cold for longer.


Travel Cup Reinvented

Our team carefully designed Nest Cup with you in our mind. Nest Cup emphasis the user's usability, enhancing all aspects of your drinking experience.

Why Nest Cup?

We asked more than 5000 participants on

which cup they prefer to use.

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Your input,

we make it happen.

70% of survey participats prefer to use both porcelain and stainless steel.


Versatility between to materials, that is the reason why we designed Nest Cup. 

The first 2 in 1 Porcelain and Stainless Steel Cup.

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1 Cup, 3 Ways

Nest Cup unique construction allows you to use it in 3 different ways. 

Our solid fine porcelain cup wrapped with food-safe silicone sleeve, able to be taken out to be used by itself.


Vibrant Colours to Choose From

Nest cup comes in 5 vibrant colours. Purple, pink, blue, black and steel. Pick your favourite colour!


2 Sizes to Choose From

Nest cup available in 2 comfortable sizes. 850ml fits large takeaway coffee, and 450ml fits medium takeaway coffee.

Product Features


No more condensation.

Nest Cup vacuum insulated exterior prevents condensation when you keep cold drinks.

Microwaveable Fine Porcelain Interior

Nest cup fine porcelain interior is microwaveable. It is also equipped with food-safe silicone sleeve so it is comfortable to hold after placing it inside the microwave.

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Completely Spill-Proof

We designed Nest Cup to be completely sealed with high grade food silicone. So rest assured.

Bag Friendly

Since Nest Cup is spill-proof, you do not need to worry to place Nest Cup inside your bag. You can travel with Nest Cup without holding into it all the time.


Durable Tritan Cap

Nest Cup cap made of Tritan material. It is BPA free and very durable. It's ability to resist impact, making it dishwasher safe and exceptionally durable. 


Keeping Fresh Longer

Thanks to vacuum insulated exterior, Nest Cup able to keep your beverages or even food fresh for longer period of time.

Heat retention:


Nest Medium Cup up to 3 hours.

Nest Large Cup up to 5 hours.


Non-Slip Base

We care much about details. Nest cup base made of non-slip silicone. It prevents accidental drop and beautifying the whole cup.


Suitable for Any Kinds of Beverages or Food

Large mouth opening allows Nest Cup to be used not only for beverages, but for food as well.

Coffee, juice, cake, porridge, soup. You name it and have it your way.

Complete Your Set!

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Add-Ons Accessories

Complete your Nest Cup with functional accessories.

A whole set of Nest Cup comes with:

  • 1pc of Stainless Steel Cup

  • 1pc of Porcelain Cup with Silicone Sleeve

  • 1pc of durable Tritan lid

  • 1 pc Silicone Straw

  • 1 pc porcelain strainer

  • 1 pc handled pouch