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Introducing: Swanz Kokoro One Touch

Our sustainable flask with replaceable inner porcelain, Kokoro Thermal Flask, has been a huge success. But, we did not stop there. We have listened to customer feedback and decided to make a new improvement.


We gladly announce our latest innovation, Kokoro One Touch. The sustainable porcelain thermal flask with upgraded cap function. This project also received a warm welcome in Taiwan, raising almost S$280,000 in crowdfunding.

Preorder Special! Delivery by End of July. 

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What is "One Touch"?

"One Touch" means you can access your drink as easily as a one-touch. Using one click to open the cap, you can enjoy your drink effortlessly. The push-type pop-up cap is designed to open when pressed, and it can be opened easily. The one-touch cap is also equipped with a buckle to lock the cap, avoiding sudden opening of the cap and leaking.

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Buckle Up to Prevent Accidental Touch

The cap is opened when the buckle is facing down and it is locked when the buckle is facing up. So you don't worry about accidental touch, as long as you lock it, your bottle is safe!

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Turn Your Kokoro One Touch Cap into a Straw Cap

We understand that some of you may prefer to drink using a straw. You can add on a silicon straw and install it to the Kokoro One Touch Cap. Our straw is BPA-free.  You can assemble and disassemble it in simple steps. The straw has a large diameter designed for you, who enjoy drinking boba.

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Easy and Convenient

Kokoro One Touch is suitable to accompany your busy day. By using one touch to open and one hand to hold, whether you are working or driving, Kokoro One Touch will not interrupt your work.

One Thermal Flask, Multi-Function

You can choose the way of drinking as you like. You can use the mouthpiece or change it to a straw. Even better, you can change the cap into a rotating cap with an attached-in strainer. Perfect for brewing tea on the go.

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Designed with Retractable Handle

Kokoro One Touch retractable handle is designed to help you carry your flask conveniently. It is strong to withstand the weight of the thermal flask and the drink inside.


No More Spill Off

The silicone ring in the middle of the cap is close to the mouth of the cup. This will not only prevents the liquid from leaking but also maintains the temperature of the drink.


Suitable for Any Beverage

As the interior is made of 100% porcelain, Kokoro is suitable for any kind of beverage. No more metallic taste, you can enjoy your drink's original taste.

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Double Wall Insulation

Kokoro's exterior is made out of 304 high-grade stainless steel with double-wall insulation feature. It is able to keep your beverages hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 12 hours.

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Keeping your beverages on your desirable temperature all day.

Naturally Easy to Clean

Porcelain is made from kaolin clay and fired at temperatures as high as 2,600°F. This makes porcelain pores extremely fine, makes it easy to clean and prevents any stain and smell to linger on it.

One of the popular questions being asked: What is the main difference between porcelain and ceramic? The main difference is the size of the surface pores. Ceramic has relatively larger pores compared to porcelain, resulting in stains that might still occur in common ceramic. Which will not happen in porcelain.

Goodbye Coffee Stain

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No Peeling Off

Another common question being asked is "what is the difference between solid porcelain and ceramic coating?" Ceramic coating is only a coating, it might peel off and having the risk of peel off residues to be consumed.

Swanz Kokoro interior made of 100% Solid Fine Porcelain. Not coating.

Table of Comparison

Replaceable Porcelain Interior

In addition, if something unfortunate happened and the porcelain is damaged, it is replaceable. Making KOKORO the most sustainable porcelain thermal flask.


Online Exclusive: Warranty for 180 Days

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