A Secret Weapon to Survive a Cold Winter

We were featured by Taiwanese Blogger, known as 汪喵. Check what she said about Swanz Food Warmer, and how it help her to survive the cold winter in Taiwan.

A good and practical product, recommended! Japanese patented Swanz Porcelain Food Warmer (SY-086), large capacity (650ml) convenient for picnic.

Against the cold wind this winter, Wang Hao is not hiding today. I want to share my secret weapon to survive winter!

It can keep warm for a long time, so I can drink hot drinks any time to keep the body warm. It is Swanz Vacuum Insulated food warmer.

I am not afraid of this cold winter!

Upon receiving the Swanz Vacuum Insulated food warmer, the carefully packed packaging makes you feel the heart of Swanz!

Swanz Vacuum Insulated Food Warmer Specifications:

Capacity: 650ml

Weight: 791g

Opening width: 11.8cm

Height: 13.3 cm

White and bright purple plaid, simple and generous shape with delicate feeling! I like it when it arrives~~ The Swanz Porcelain food warmer lid is designed for like a three pointed star. Very easy to open and user friendly!

The capacity is large (650ml), plus wide opening design, For me who has Doraemon’s round hand, there is no problem, I can easily open and insert things!

The Swanz Porcelain food warmer has porcelain inner. The porcelain is non-toxic and will not of affect food flavour. More importantly, it will not release chemical to your food, which might produce harmful substances. It is will not retain odour and will not leave the tea stain. For the busy people, it is easy to use and easy to clean. It is really a must-have and practical good product for everyone! Whether it is Chinese medicine, tea, coffee, iced lemon black tea.... it can be kept in Swanz Porcelain food warmer.

I love it, really great!!

But it is still recommended, if you put coffee, milk, carbonated drinks, it is best to drink and clean on same day, to avoid the growth of bacteria.

High-quality porcelain and Japanese patents give people extra peace of mind!

The porcelain inner has no metal flavour, and the food flavour is not contaminated! Whether it’s for picnic with your family or bringing lunch box, Swanz Porcelain food warmer both beauty and function is really good!

Swanz Porcelain food warmer allows me to drink hot soup anytime, anywhere in winter. In the summer, I can also put cold drink that can cool off the summer. There is no season restrictions, it is suitable for all seasons.

When I knows, I will never let go! Recommend it to everyone, everyone must have a good life and practical product! Definitely worth starting! ! In addition to porcelain food warmer, Swanz also has a vacuum flask to choose from.

Want to know more about the Swanz series of products, you are welcome to go to the Swanz official website,


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