A Tumbler to Rely on, During This Cold Winter

We are reviewed by the blogger from Taiwan, 設計老爹. She shared with us on how she rely on the Wood Thermal Tumbler from the Crown Collection during this cold winter in Taiwan.

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The temperature outside the window has become 15° C. A few days ago, the sun was warm. But now, it seems like winter. When the temperature is decreasing, the things that can keep you warm will make you feel good.

This product in my hand is especially sensational at this time! A brand from Singapore, Swanz Brand!

"Being healthy can be very simple and also very fashionable."

Founded in 2010, Swanz Brand is Singapore's home brand designs and manufactures porcelain household items. "SWANZ" is like a migratory bird-swan, beautiful and tenacious.

The sticker on the bottom of the tumbler tells us that SWANZ's products have patent licenses for products from Japan and Singapore! (US patent is pending)

Unlike the general stainless steel inner liner, SWANZ uses hardened white porcelain as the first layer of the inner liner. Generally, the stainless steel utensils will retain some stains and odours after being filled with coffee, tea, Chinese herbal medicines and milk. But porcelain is better than stainless steel. The inner liner of the vacuum flask is baked at a high temperature of 1200-1400°C. The hard white porcelain pores are finer after porcelain were baked, so the dirt and odour will not easily sticks on it.

Also, because SWANZ chose to use porcelain liner, the "Swanz Ceramics Cup Series" feels warmer than the average stainless steel cup. The feeling of contact between porcelain and lips is much better than stainless steel! Try it yourself and you will know.

The "Swanz Ceramics Tumbler Series" is equipped with a ceramic tea strainer. which is similar to other commercial products. Swanz Brand's tea strainer has a silicone part, so it is firmly placed on the tumbler. It is very good, and there is no sloshing when it is used. Because it is airtight, it is less likely to be spilled.

I just rely on this Swanz Vacuum Insulated Ceramic Tumbler to accompany me through the cold days.

The capacity of the "Swanz Ceramics Cup Series" is 360ml. The appearance is exquisite and fashionable, and there are many styles to choose from. Because I like the natural texture, I chose the wood grain (not really wood material!). I am looking forward to it.

The official information says that “Swanz Ceramics Cup Series" can be keep drinks hot and cold for about 3 to 5 hours. It is because the heat hardly escape the vacuum insulated layer.

The effectiveness of this vacuum insulated tumbler aroused my curiosity, so I am doing a field test. For convenience, I chose to use instant coffee.

First note: Taiwan is very cold in recent days, the outdoor temperature is only 14°C, so when the hot water is out, the temperature will begin to decline rapidly.

Just poured the hot water and mix it with the coffee, the cooking thermometer shows that the coffee in the cup is about 70°C.

Open the lid after 1 hour, the cooking thermometer shows that the temperature of coffee in the cup drops to nearly 60°C.

After 3 hours, the cooking thermometer shows that the temperature of coffee in the cup drops to nearly 50°C.

Oh~ This 3 hour small test is over. The test results show that the temperature of the coffee in the cup has dropped by 20°C, from the original 70°C, to 50°C, that is to say... In the cold winter, Swanz Ceramics Tumbler still feels warm. It takes 3 hours or 5 hours to make temperature drop (and if you only drink 350ml for 5 hours... then your water intake is too small).

According to the Health Insurance Agency's (National Health Insurance Bimonthly Issue 92), "the amount of water that should be drink per day is about 2000-3000 cc". After deducting 8 hours of sleep break so only the rest of the day is counted, this tumbler fulfill the need of 2 hours of water. Hahaha! Many people may not agree to this argument... well... Anyway, I think that the "Swanz Ceramics Cup Series" is very useful for the daily insulation needs!

Ok! After the test is finished, let's go outside! These days are just the first cold times in Taiwan's winter. The cold days are most suitable for the "Swanz Ceramics Cup Series". If you are cold, you will be sorrowful. The tumbler can keep warm for 3-5 hours. The tumbler, is a good product, that is easy to clean and easy to carry around!

It has a great value, exquisite appearance (many styles available), very good insulation, the size is very convenient to be carry, difficult for odor to sticks on the hard white porcelain liner, and easy to clean. Wherever you are, whether in Taiwan, or the north and south, whether the temperature is high and low, "Swanz Ceramics Cup Series" is a good helper for you!

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