Aromatic, Natural, Warm, Sweet Tea

We are back with the Vitalitea Series. And today we want to talk about this amazing Rose Longan Tea. So simple yet so beneficial.

As mentioned in the name this tea mainly contain Rose flower and Longan.

Rose flower is good for your blood circulation it will also help to make your skin and hair looks better. Drinking it regularly can help you to get a rosy complexion. Not only that, as it helps with blood circulation, it will also help the ladies during their period.

Longan have a natural sweetness to it and make this tea taste so rich. Completed with the flower fragrance from the Rose. Hmm.. Surely you will love this natural sweet tea. Drinking this tea can help you to relax during a busy, stressful day.

This tea is best serve warm. What else is best to keep it warm other that the Verra Thermal Tumbler. This tumbler come in the feminine pink colour which will also brighten up your tiring day, together with the tea.

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