CNY Fruit Tea Mocktail

Let’s celebrate this Chinese New Year with a hearty drink. The Energizing Orange from Juan Tea will fill up your day with this energy. This packed combination of Rooibos, Tangerine Peel and French Rose is very aromatic. Rooibos is famous to boost immunity system and promote blood circulation, so it will prepare you for a healthy and joyful new year.

Serving Size: 1-2

Preparation Time: 6 mins

Cooking level: Easy


200ml hot water

1 Juan Tea Energizing Orange tea bag

3 pieces of Lychee

45 grams of Guava

50 grams of Pineapple

50 grams of Papaya


1. Pour 200ml hot water into the Thermal Mug.

2. Put in Juan Tea Energizing Orange Tea bag, let the tea steep for just a couple of minutes.

3. Remove the tea bag

4. Add in 3 pieces of lychee

5. Put in 45 gram of Guava

6. Add in 50 gram of Pineapple

7. Add in 50 gram of Papaya

8. Stir accordingly

*You can adjust the amount of fruits up to your liking.

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