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Swanz Wild Life and Nature Collection

The earth is full of different creatures. But sadly, deforestation and pollution are causing habitat loss. This happen when particular group of animal do not have a place to stay or enough food. Which in the long run will cause biodiversity loss.

To encourage us to appreciate the beauty in biodiversity, Swanz create this Wild Life and Nature series. Pattern designs are inspired from the mother earth. In this series, Swanz wants brings beauty essence of the wild animals and environment. Not only to remind us to love the nature, the act of buying and using reusable water bottle/ thermal flask, help to decrease pollution from single use plastic; such as bottled beverage packaging.

Swanz Brand Display in Jurong Bird Park

These special Wild Life and Nature series was available at Singapore's Jurong Bird Park. Jurong Bird Park has been a home for around 3500 birds from 400 different species. More than a place where we can appreciate the beauty of this amazing animals, Jurong Bird Park also have commitment towards conservation. Which protect the biodiversity in this earth.

Here are some of the Wild Life and Nature that inspires the series:

Macaw, The Intelligent and Vocal Bird

Originating from the South American rainforest, these brilliantly coloured birds are symbols of the tropics. In the wild, macaws help promote forest growth when they discard the seeds of the fruit they eat and disperse them throughout the forest. Several macaw species are endangered because of rainforest destruction and over harvesting for the pet trade. You can help the macaws by protecting their rainforest habitat.

Wood, The Living Source of Life

There are more than 60,000 species of trees in the world. Many tree species are able to live for decades, some even survive for 5,000 years. Trees are a source of life – they provide homes for thousands of animal species and are an important source of earth’s oxygen. Let’s save the earth by protecting our trees.

Check out the Wood Thermal Tumbler from the Crown Collection here:

Flamingo, The Elegant Pink Bird

The flamingo’s pink and orange plumage, long slender legs and necks, and distinctive hooked beaks are unmistakable. These elegant birds get their striking colours from the pigments in the crustaceans, shrimps and algae they eat. Flamingos love company - they seek protection in numbers by flocking together in the tens of thousands. Although flamingos are not considered endangered animals, their habitats still need protection. Preserve freshwater habitats by not polluting waterways.

Check out the Flamingo Thermal Tumbler from the Crown Collection here:

Remember, by using reusable water bottle, you are helping the earth by reducing plastic usage and decreasing plastic pollution. Let's take care of our home together!

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