Herbal Mocktail Recipe

Thinking of something healthy and refreshing for family gathering? Why don’t try this recipe? A great mixture of herbs to lower down blood pressure, rejuvenate skin and improve your eyesight. Topped with nutritious and fresh fruits. It is simple and easy yet perfect for all ages!


16 Rose Buds 10 Roselle 2 tbsp Wolfberries 2 Apples 1 Dragon Fruit Ice Cubes Honey to taste


  1. Put in rose buds, roselle and wolfberries into food warmer.

  2. Pour in hot water. Cover and wait for approx 5-8 minutes.

  3. Peel off fruits and cut into small pieces.

  4. Add in ice cubes, honey and fruit pieces into food warmer.

  5. Mix well. Pour into glasses to serve. Enjoy! 

Pro Tip

Please be careful as roselle heavily stain goods. So make sure do not spill it on to fabrics, woods, plastic or steels as the stain might be hard to get rid off. Additional tips, use porcelain, glass or ceramic material to hold your turmeric drink.

Featuring Jose Porcelain Food Warmer from Swanz.

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