Immune Boosting Tea

Ingredients: *For 430ml Swanz Thermal Flask

3.5 gr Astralagus Roots

5 gr Codonopsis (Approximately 2-4 Sticks)

3.5 gr Black Dates (Approximately 1 piece)

3.5 gr Dried Longan

3.5 gr Goji Berries

5 gr Red Dates (Approximately 3 pieces)

Ingredient Benefits:

Codonopsis: helps to boost your immune system, promotes better mental sharpness and memory.

Astragalus: has anti-viral properties and contains antioxidants

Red Dates: packed with protein, Vitamin B, C and minerals. To prevent anemia.

Black Dates: high percentage of carbohydrates, proteins and selenium. Selenium improves immune system and believed to prevent cancer.

Dried Longan: contains fiber that helps bowel movement and helps control blood sugar level.

Goji Berries: provides immune system support, promotes healthy skin, protects eye and believed to prevent cancer.


1. Wash all of the ingredients

2. Cut codonopsis into sectional form, flatten the red dates.

3. Preheat your Swanz flask with hot water for better heat retention.

4. Put all of the ingredients inside Swanz Thermal Flask

5. Pour in hot boiling water (100°C). Cap thermal flask tight.

6. Let the tea brewing for at least 30-40 minutes.

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