Introducing SWANZ X Vitalitea: the fresh, healthy herbal tea

Do you know that SWANZ collaborated with a well-known tea brand from Hong Kong, Vitalitea? Vitalitea produce fresh herbal tea which are beneficial for your health.

Today we will talk about one of the Vitalitea product, Jasmine Chrysanthemum Rose Flower Tea. So what are the benefit of this tea?

Jasmine and Rose flowers have soothing effect and make you calm. Chrysanthemum help to remove heat from your body and good if you have dryness in your mouth. It can also eliminate eye fatigue and suitable for insomnia.

This tea is suitable to be drink hot, at night. It is perfect to be pair with one of our favourite tumbler, Orange Petal from Crown Collection. Swanz tumbler will keep the tea hot for 3-5 hours, so the tea will be in its best temperature when you want to drink it. And as our porcelain will not have any chemical reaction with any kind of substance, you can feel at ease when brewing this natural tea inside the tumbler.

The porcelain edge feels so warm when it touch your mouth, it is a nice, relaxing way to end your hectic day.

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