Mixed Berries Smoothies Recipe

A refreshing and delicious treat for you and your body. Packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Prepare it in the morning and pour it into Swanz tumbler chilled, enjoy it in the afternoon without having it changed in taste. A great idea for a smoother day at work. 


100g of Strawberries

100g of Blueberries

50g of Cranberries 1 Frozen Ripe Banana

1/2cup Greek yogurt

Honey to taste


  1. Cut Strawberries and Frozen Bananas into small pieces.

  2. Put the berries, banana, and greek yoghur t’s inside a blender.

  3. Puree all smooth.

  4. Pour into Swanz tumbler. Add honey according to your taste. Enjoy! 

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