Swanz Brand in Japan

Swanz Brand Wildlife Life and Nature Collection was displayed in Tokyo, Japan.

Swanz Brand Thermal Tumblers sold in Tokyo

This special Swanz Brand Collection designs are inspired by the wild life and nature around us. Not just beautifully design, the collection is also practical. How? Thermal bottles are meant to be brought anywhere you like. This particular collection has special cap that allows the user to carry it easily. Check out one of the product for details:

Visitors are interested on Swanz Thermal Tumblers

Normally vacuum flask has stainless steel inner. But Swanz Brand flask are special. It is equip with porcelain inner, which make you able to put any drink you want. Do not need to worry on metal leaching, retained smell, or stain. This feature makes Swanz Brand a high grade vacuum flask.

Swanz Brand is also sold in many Japanese Department Stores, here in Singapore, such as Isetan and Takashimaya. These Japanese department stores are strict in selecting the product to be sold in their stores. This is to ensure that only quality products are displayed. And Swanz Brand is proud to be part of it.

Swanz Brand Display in Takashimaya

Swanz Brand Display in Isetan

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