SWANZ for Coffee Lover, Taiwan International Coffee Show 2018

SWANZ Brand booth at Taiwan International Coffee Show

SWANZ has enter Taiwan Market in 2015, since then, we get welcoming responses from our Taiwan customer. Today, SWANZ has been one of the most sell-able brand in Taiwan. To introduce our products further, from 16th November until 19th November 2018 our team showcase SWANZ Brand products in Taiwan International Coffee show. The show is coffee centric, where you can find over 700 brands related to coffee! So, why are we there?

Through the years public awareness has been raising that stainless steel might caused metal leaching while exposed to certain beverages, including coffee. While stainless steel does not absorb flavor, it might leach and add certain flavor to the coffee. Sometimes coffee drinker who uses stainless steel tumbler might found their brew will a little odd flavor.

Porcelain in the other hand, does not absorb nor adds flavors to any beverages, including coffee. So you do not have to worry off having an odd flavor in you favorite drink. Not only that, porcelain also does not retain stain and smell, making it easy to wash. Porcelain thermal tumbler is the best choice to keep your coffee.

Now a days drinking coffee has become part of the life style. We realize that, that is why our porcelain thermal tumbler is not only functional but also come with different style to fits different persona. In the show, customer are able to see our wide range collection. Not only showing our current, classic favorite products, visitors got a peek at our upcoming thermal tumbler designs. Our new thermal tumbler collection will have a wide range design variation, sure you will have something to match your style.

But if you missed the show, no worries, just keep on watching out website and social media. Wait for our update as the new collection with exciting designs are coming soon!

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