SWANZ Taiwan's first retail shop located in Yingge Guangdian

SWANZ Brand is originated in Singapore. SWANZ sell a full range product, such as vacuum flasks, thermal mugs, and food warmer. All of the product has porcelain inner. There are a lot of benefit of using porcelain inner. Because the porcelain was burned in a high temperature, it become dense, and have very small pores. This make the porcelain very easy to be clean. And not like stainless steel, porcelain inner will not leave odor and will not have any chemical reaction with drinks.

Our product is closely related with porcelain, it has become the most important part of our SWANZ product. That is why we choose Yingge as the location of our retail shop. Yingge was the area where Taiwan’s ceramic culture and craft centered.

The most famous speciality in Taiwan’s Yingge District is the porcelain/ ceramic craft.

According to the history, during the Jiaqing period of Qing Dynasty, the Jianshan area was rich in clay. This made it easy for people to set up pottery. In the past decades, the ceramic industry has replaced agriculture as local symbol. Now this place is famous for pottery. Yingge was the largest ceramic maker in Taiwan.

Today, Acura's ceramic art is world-famous, and the town is also known as "Jingdezhen in Taiwan." Today, there are more than 2,300 ceramic-related factories and stores in the town. In the town more than 80% of the stores are ceramic related.

Yingge Light Spot Aesthetics Museum

Located on the old ceramic street of Yingge, it looks like a museum. It is actually a large-scale integrated shopping mall. There are many crafts, entrepreneurs and catering companies, and the A07 cabinet in which the SWANZ store is located is one of them.

Setting the location in Yingge allows our customers to have a deeper understanding of ceramics along with the cultural characteristics of Yingge.

This is a new milestone for SWANZ in the Taiwan market, and we are happy to share it with you.

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