Swanz Textile Collection

On July 2018, we launched a special collection called Swanz Textile Collection. The collection was inspired by the texture found in fabrics. The consistency of endless patterns. Everyday we touch fabrics, our bed sheet, our clothing. Fabric texture gives us the sense of comfort and familiarity.

This texture is present to add an additional experience for the user. Not only seeing a beautiful vacuum flask, user will also get the nice sense to touch. And for function, the 3D texture also allows the user to have better grip while handling the bottle, preventing it from slipping of the hands.

The textile collection is available in Thermal Tumblers and Thermal Mugs. In total there are 6 different designs available.These 6 design has their own characteristic and has different texture on them. This special texture was achieved by using special technology of 3D print which has yet to be seen in other bottle’s brand.

(from the left) Blue Wave, Cherry Blossom, Blooming Daisy, Green Meadow Thermal Tumbler

(from the left) Orange Petal, Blue Diamond Thermal Mug

Curious about how the texture feels like?

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