The Fresh Herbal Tea for "Painful" Days

Here is another article on Vitalitea. Today we would like to introduce another fresh herbal tea that contain Dang Shen, Huang Qi, and Southern Dates.

Let’s look at the benefits of each ingredients closely. Dang Shen have a similar benefit compared to Ginseng. The good news is, Dang Shen is much more affordable than Ginseng. It is normally use to improve blood circulation.

Huang Qi is the herb that can boost your body's healing ability and improved tissue regeneration. It is commonly added to tea and soups. It can also supports your lung and digestive system.

Southern Dates is different from red dates that we might be more familiar with. Both have the benefit to increase blood circulation. But sometimes red dates can be too heaty for some people. That is why Vitalitea choose to use Southern Dates instead.

So, what is this tea best for? This tea is beneficial especially for women, as it can help with the pain and discomfort cause by menstruation, as it is increase the blood flow.

Hope that you will have comfort during menstruation with the Vitalitea Herbal Tea. Do not forget to keep this tea warm with a container which will not have chemical reaction, the SWANZ Lisse Thermal Tumbler.

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