Things You Dont Know About BPA Free Bottles

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

All of us must have heard about BPA free bottles. We all know the fact that putting food and beverages in non-BPA Free containers may cause BPA to seep into what we consume daily. And the other fact that consuming BPA in long period of time may affect our overall health such as heart disease, high blood pressure, impotence and even depression.

While we think that BPA free plastics bottles are all we need to have a safe and healthy lifestyle, we might have been overlooking possibilities that BPA free bottle is not as good as we think. It turns out, our BPA free containers could be as harmful as our non-BPA free containers.

Why BPA free containers are still harmful is because plastic is still plastic. Although it might not leach BPA, it still might release other harmful chemical called pthalates and seep it into your food and beverages. Based on recent research, pthalates increase the risk of having diabetes, cancer, obesity and reproductive problems.

A plastics testing company named CertiChem examined around 455 products and found out that nearly all of plastic products including those labelled BPA free, leached chemicals. Mike Usey, CEO of Plastipure, stated that he wouldn't call any plastic safe. "Some are just safer," he says.

So what should we do now that all plastics are harmful and we all know that plastics are practically everywhere? We can try to reduce our plastics consumption by slowly replacing our containers with other different material such as glass or porcelain. Stainless steel also a good option for water container, however only completely safe for water.

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