Tom Yam Soup Recipe

Tom Yum Soup is a traditional soup originated from Thailand. It is famous for it’s distinct sour and hot taste, blended with fragrant spices. It is savory and delicious.

Tom Yum Soup has high nutritional value, high in proteins, Vitamin A and Manganese. It is also a good source of Acid, Copper and Selenium which is great for the body. Enjoy it in cold rainy days to brighten up your day! 


10 Medium Shrimps

6 Bird’s Eye Chillies 6 Kaffir Leaves 2 Stalk of Lemongrass

6 Straw Mushrooms

1/2 cup Chicken Fillet

3 Shiver Galangal


2 tbsp Tom Yum Paste

31/2 tbsp Lime Juice 3 Tbsp Fish Sauce

Evaporated milk 2tbsp


  1. Shelled the shrimps. Keep the heads.

  2. Cut the lemongrass and stammer it to let out the fragrance.

  3. Cut chicken fillet into stripes. In a pot, bring 3 cups of water to boil.

  4. Add in shrimp heads and boil until the water turns slightly orange. Let the stock reduce to 1/2 cups. Remove the shrimp heads.

  5. Add lemongrass, glangal, kaffir, lime leaves, bird’s eye chilies, mushrooms, and tom yam paste to the shrimp stock. Bring to boil. Put the shrimps, chicken meat with the seasonings added according to taste. Lastly, add the lime juice.

  6. Pour the boiled tom yam soup into Swanz Food Warmer. Serve while hot with rice. 

Pro Tip

Tom Yum Soup is oily and easily stained stainless steel or plastic containers. It is advisable to use porcelain or ceramic wares to contain Tom Yum Soup for easy breeze cleaning.

Featuring Cosco Porcelain Thermal Food Warmer from Swanz.

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