What to Give Your Mom on Christmas 2018

It is the time of the year again. The biggest holiday season of the whole year, Christmas Day. It is the time when you will get lots of invites to different parties, christmas events, gatherings, and dinners where people gather with family, friend or colleagues to share the warmth of Christmas. And, of course one of the important part of these events, the gift exchange.

One of the biggest problem people faced in these occasions are what to give in these special occasion especially for your dear ones.

So here are some of items that you can give to your mother on this special occasion, that she will happy to receive and make a good use of it.

1. Linen Bed Sheet

Giving your mom a linen bed sheet might be unconventional. However, it is something that your mom will appreciate and use.

Tips: Choose pattern and color that your mom will love.

2. Swanz Porcelain Thermal Flask

Swanz porcelain thermal flask is a thermal flask that will leave no stain and no smell no matter what your mom put inside. Coffee, tea, juice, anything. It able to keep hot or cold for 3 to 5 hours with no chemical reaction and BPA free.

Tips: There are many designs selections to choose from with different capacities.

3. IKEA Apron

If you are tight on budget, an IKEA apron for $10.90 will be a good to go thoughtful Christmas present for your mom. Especially if she loves cooking.

Tips: Make sure the apron you bought is for the adults because IKEA also selling the children sized aprons.

4. Yankee Scented Candle

A scented candle will be a good way to go for a Christmas present for your mom. It will lift up the mood of the whole family with its Christmas season scented candle collection.

Tips: You can pick the size of the candle to your budget and liking.

5. Juan Herbal Tea

If your Mom is a tea lover, she will love this special gift for your loved ones. Juan Tea is a Singapore herbal tea parlour that sells 7 different flavours herbal tea specialising in flowers and herbs. All of the tea are naturals without any preservatives, artificial flavours and colourings. For example, the beautiful purple-ish tea, Juan Wholesome Violet with it's natural Black Wolfberries and Chrysanthemum helps to improve eyesight and good for liver.

Tips: There are two types of tea you can get. The one in tea bags and loose tea. Choose the one suitable for your mom the most. Price range: S$12-S$55

6. Handmade Scrapbook

If your Mom appreciate sentimental value, probably a hand made scrapbook would be the best option for you. Scrapbook has always been a good to go, where you can compile all of your favourite precious moments with your mom and decorate it with Christmas decorations. The best part about handmade scrapbook is that it would never gets old and replaced. It only gets better with time.

7. Home Cooked Dinner with Free Massage Coupon

Another option for service and sentimental value, you can opt for a home cooked dinner with a free massage coupon. Be adventurous and pamper your mom this Christmas once in a while. Make sure you are giving her the best service you can give!

Tips: Some winter drinks recipe that you can try to make!

8. Potted Plants

Not only it gives your Mom something to polished her skill, but it also make a great decoration for the house. There are a lot varieties of potted plants that you can look into. From ranges of cacti for low maintenance plants, to edible herbs if your Mom loves cooking.

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