Kokoro Food Warmer with individual fine porcelain bowls. Designed for families.


Food storage made easy with Kokoro Food Warmer. Indiviudal fine porcelain bowls, easy to take out, keep and clean. Vacuum insulated 304 Grade Stainless steel, high insulation power, keeping food warm for at least 6 hours. 


Equipped with Swanz signature Easy Clean Silicone.  Stainless steel shell is leak proof and easy to clean. 


Able to be configured into 2 different options:

2 tier: Consist of 1 x Porcelain Bowl B (550ml) + 1 x Porcelain Bowl C (300ml)

1 tier: Consist of 1 x Porcelain Bowl A (1100ml)

(the stainless steel carrier (without the bowls) has a capacity of 1600ml) 


If you want to add on lid for porcelain bowl: 



Add on Full Set Combo for $50! Up: $82.80
Full Set Combo Consist of:

1 x Medium Stainless Steel Carrier
1 x Porcelain Bowl A (1100ml)
1 x Porcelain Bowl B (550ml)
1 x Porcelain Bowl C (300ml)
1 x Water Resistant Draw String Bag
1 x Porcelain Cutlery Set
2 x Silicone Lid


Prevent spillage inside exterior shell. Able to stack and to be used to all Kokoro individual porcelain bowls. Made of 100% heat resistant baby safe silicone lid.


More detailed information click here.  


Kokoro Medium Food Warmer

SKU: SY-014
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  • Capacity

    Capacity Porcelain Bowls
    1100ml 1 x Bowl A (1100ml)
    850ml 1 x Bowl B (550ml) + 1x Bowl C (300ml)


    Product and parts sizes

    Product Height Width
    Stainless Steel Container 208mm 140mm
    Porcelain Bowl A 135mm 117mm
    Porcelain Bowl B 80mm 117mm
    Porcelain Bowl C 53mm 117mm



    Stainless Steel Container: 750gr

    Bowl A : 600g (+/- 30g)  

    Bowl B : 360g (+/- 18g) 

    Bowl C : 180g (+/- 9g) 

  • Fine Porcelain

    304 Stainless Steel

    Baby Safe Sillicone

    Delivery time 3 - 7 Working Days

    Care Instruction:

    Not microwaveable. Wash with soap and soft sponge.