Introducing Nest Cup from Swanz! The only 2 in 1 cup you will ever need. 2 materials in 1: fine porcelain and thermal stainless steel. Bringing the ultimate benefits of both materials to a travel cup.


Get 7 Nest Cup sets for the price of 6!


Full accessories included:

7 x Fine Porcelain Cup 850ml

7 x BPA Free Silicone Sleeve

7 x 304 Durable Stainless Steel Cup 850ml

7 x Durable Tritan Cap


7 x Convenient Pouch (Large)

7 x BPA-Free Silicone Straw

7 x Tea Porcelain Strainer



(In order to make it easier to remove the porcelain cup, Swanz makes some changes in our 850ml cup design):

  • Only 1 groove
    The groove use surface friction in order to keep the porcelain cup in place. Due to the size of 850ml, the surface friction between the stainless steel and the silicone sleeve will be quite large. This makes it hard to remove the porcelain cup.
  • The groove has an indentation
    The indentation helps to prevent the vacuum space from forming (between the stainless- steel cup and the porcelain cup) which can make it hard to remove the porcelain cup. So, with just this little indentation, now it’s very easy to remove.


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Nest Cup Super Bundle Deal 850ml (7 set)

S$966.00 Regular Price
S$456.00Sale Price
  • Capacity: 850ml

    Diameter: 11cm

    Height: 22cm

    Weight: 846 gr

  • Cap: Tritan™

    Porcelain: 100% Hard White Fine Porcelain

    Silicone: BPA Free Heat resistant silicone




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