Swanz's porcelain flask can indeed keep beverages, herbal tea, soup, etc. hot for a longer period. This is especially useful for outings as no re-heating is required, maintaining freshness in every drop. A must-have for everyone.

Mr. Desmond Tay, General Manager

A Must Have for Everyone

I had switch all the tumblers for use at home to Swantz porcelain tumblers.I found Swantz tumblers are safer to use, juice stay fresher and taste is maintained.The range of colours are very pleasant and family members can easily identified their own tumbler by the colours.

Cassie Lim, Administration Officer

Switching All Other Brands to Swanz

I am a great supporter of Swanz. It's really soooo good. It helps me gain better health by using it. It is 100% chemical and corrosion free. It is user friendly and I have introduced this product to many of my friends and relatives. No regret to buy and will continue to use Swanz products.

Mrs. Margaret Chee, Survey Officer

100% Chemical and Corrosion Free

I specially bought Swanz food warmer n tumbler during my stay in the hospital for my operation. Porcelain is safe n healthy to use. The taste of food n beverages is sooooo awesome👍I will introduce 'Swanz' products to my friends and colleagues!

Madam Sim, Coffee Assistant

Bought After Hospitalisation

I have been looking porcelain tumblers for ages. There I came across 'Swanz' porcelain tumblers. I have been using it for few years. It was a unique n healthy product that I benefit with better health thru using it. I will continue support using Swanz Products. 

Auntie Won, House Wife

Better Health with Swanz

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I have been using 'Swanz' porcelain tumblers and food warmer for many years. Proven is a good, safe and healthy product. Have use this product for consumption of ginger tea, juices even bird nest. Soooo hot and tastes yummy! No stain & smell.. I strongly recommend 'Swanz' products to all new customers.

Nancy Tong, Sales Manager

Good, Safe, Healthy Product - 24 February 2018

I have been using Swanz Porcelain mugs for all my herbal tea. I have even brought ginseng drink for my husband in hospital. It doesn't stain and taste good! Cleaning is a breeze!

​ Mrs Lim S.K, Retired Teacher

Cleaning is a Breeze - 17 January 2018

Fresh fruits like apples and pears are still in fresh after 3 hours time! I usually keep fruits salad in swanz warmer for lunch, the fruits are fresh everyday. 

Mrs Yunny, Music Teacher

Fruits fresh after 3 hours in Swanz warmer - 31 December 2017

Swanz is a amazing product! Good for any drinks regardless of hot or cold!

The latest amazing -> Avocado will not be oxidized!

Christine, Finance Controller

​Avocado will not oxidize - 17 November 2017

For better health, I strongly recommend Swanz Porcelain Tumblers. We have been using for many years and constantly buying new model. Is a very helpful & healthy product, we use it for travelling. Very very good!

Mrs Donna Tan, Travel Agent

Very useful & healthy product - 22 November 2017

​Swanz Porcelain is indeed a very healthy and awesome product. I have been putting fruit juice like avocado drink. It does not oxidised, whereas stainless steel turned brown.

Ms. Leong Wan Jing, Housewife

Good to keep fruit juice - 8 December 2017

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