Incorporated in 2009, Swanz Brand is a household brand from Singapore which designed and manufactured porcelain household wares that brings greater health benefits to customers. ​We care about health as much as you do. We take a lot of attention to one's health. To us, health is the most important thing in life and it is our responsibility to support that. ​

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Free from Chemical

All SWANZ products are BPA-free, there is no metal leaching and no chemicals.


No Stain, No Smell

Have you ever had a disgusting smell from coffee or tea that can not be taken away? SWANZ tumbler is made of porcelain and will not leave any stain or smell from the beverage.

Ideal for Any Drinks

Whether it is coffee in the morning, juice during the day, or milk in the evening, you can use all of it. There will be no taste or odor transfer. You do not need to worry about chemical reactions with beverages, like what happened with stainless steel.


Good for Hot & Cold

Swanz products are also vacuum insulated, which prevents heat from escaping. They keep your food and beverages to be hot or cold for 3 to 5 hours, while our SWANZ Collection can keep the hot and cold for 5 to 8 hours.

Swanz Kokoro Flask Certification

Our KOKORO flask has gone through testing, using Japanese standards. The product has passed the test and proven to be safe as the material used contained no harmful chemicals.


Behind Swanz Ceramic Making Process